Preparing a Prosecution File

I keep being asked to run a session for local authority officers wanting to know the practicalities of putting together a prosecution file. This is now under development, with a view to covering the following:

  1. CPS Code for Prosecutors
  2. Evidential and Public Interest Tests
  3. Relevance of Enforcement Policy
  4. The decision to Prosecute
  5. Disclosure 
  6. What to put in statements and conversely what not to put in statements
  7. How to write a statement a story or as the offences, or a combination
  8. How to present the information e.g. structure
  9. What is “heresay”
  10. How to exhibit evidence
  11. How to keep decision logs
  12. Who exhibits what when there are a number of officers involved
  13. What are the pitfalls and things to consider

First session in April 2020 – contact me for more info