Liaising with the Bereaved

Every local authority should have an appointed Local Authority Liaison Officer (LA LO) to assist the families of the bereaved following a fatal accident.  Their role is to provide information to the families and to be the link between the family and the investigating officer providing timely updates on the investigation.  As you can imagine this is a very sensitive role and the LA LO needs to be mindful of issues such as disclosure, grief and also the impact this role may have on themselves.


Unfortunately there is no training or guidance to prepare officers for this role and so this session was developed to assist all local authorities to ensure that their officers are at least better prepared.  Using practical examples and discussion this session aims to provide delegates with familiarisation training on family liaison following a work related death to include:

  • Background to the LA LO role
  • Role of the police Family Liaison Officer
  • Selection and role of the local authority liaison officer
  • Initial visit and practicalities of meeting the family
  • Identifying the ‘family’
  • Bereavement and grief
  • Returning possessions
  • Supporting the family
  • Disclosure to the family
  • Presenting the investigation conclusions
  • Common problems and issues
  • Supporting guidance recently endorsed by David Kidney CIEH Family Liaison

This is a half day session, please contact me for further details.

Comments by delegates..

I cannot believe that I have not had this training before now.  A great day with good practical examples

Excellent course.  Very thought provoking and has given me more confidence to perform the role in the future again.  Great tips on what to say when faced with difficult questions.

Very interesting course – enjoyed it and thought it was very worthwhile

Very practical based course notes which were delivered well – thanks

Pitched just right.  Good notes which can be used for reference should an incident occur – thanks very much

Please get in touch if you would like further information.  All discussions are in strictest confidence.

tel 07793215183

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