New to Health and Safety Regulation

Are you new to health and safety regulation?  Are you an experienced officer returning from a break and need to brush up on your skills?  This session is geared for you.

New to Health and Safety Enforcement Flyer

Using case studies, practical examples and discussion it seeks to equip officers with the basic skills needed to regulate health and safety. Areas covered include:

  • Health and safety law and the regulatory framework
  • Enforcement choices and significance of enforcement policies
  • National Local Authority Enforcement Code
  • Relevant policies and sources of guidance
  • Review of the most commonly used legislation
  • Use of HSW S20 Inspectors powers
  • Concept of goal setting legislation
  • Risk assessment
  • Serving notices
  • Practical accident investigation refresher case study
  • HSW S20, CJA S9 and PACE
  • Lots of practical examples and case studies

This is a full day session, please contact me for further details.

Slides to Accompany the Law Session

Comments from delegates…

This acted as an invaluable refresher to H&S for a food officer who has v limited involvement in H&S

Enjoyed the course, was clear and concise and relevant to my needs

Really enjoyed the scenarios to put it all into practice

Good confidence builder for me personally

Really enjoyed the day and feel more confident when dealing with H&S issues

Please get in touch if you would like further information.  All discussions are in strictest confidence.

tel 07793215183

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