PACE, PEACE and Interview Skills Training

One of the key skills that any investigator needs is to be able to manage and conduct interviews under caution or as we call them PACE interviews. Over the years I have been involved in many interviews dealing with a wide range of scenarios. This session brings together aspects from many of these interviews to provide a practical session covering the following:

  • Interview techniques including PEACE
  • How and when to caution
  • Managing the interviewee and common issues
  • Managing lawyers
  • Planning your interview
  • Pre interview disclosure and other requests
  • Tactical interviewing
  • The interview process with suggested format
  • Difficult interviews…
  • Significant statements
  • How to deal with common problems

This is a practical session concerning the broader aspects of PACE, how PACE impacts on your investigation work and how to interview rather than how to operate equipment.  There will be  lots of discussion using examples and common problems to highlight best practice and solutions.  The session will be supported by Bespoke Safety guidance on how to prepare for and conduct your own PACE interview.


For bookings, check the events programme.

tel 07793215183

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