Accident Investigation

One of the key skills of any health and safety regulator is incident investigation.  You may be expected to investigate a simple slip, a fall from height, an uncontrolled release of asbestos or an amputation resulting from use of an unguarded machine.  You need to be confident in using your powers, know how to interview witnesses and be able to manage a long and potentially complex investigation.


This session aims to provide LA Inspectors with a methodology to effectively manage complex accident investigations and to avoid common problems and difficulties potentially compromising the investigation. Using case studies and practical examples, areas covered include:

  • Understanding your powers under HSW S20
  • How to make the best of HSW S20 powersInterviewing witnesses
  • Interviewing Witnesses
  • Consideration of PACE when investigating
  • Clarification of HSW S20 when questioning witnesses
  • HSW S20/CJA S9 and PACE when questioning
  • Investigation techniques
  • Gathering evidence
  • Use of experts
  • Immediate VS underlying cause
  • Benefits of early enforcement
  • Common problems – reluctant witnesses, uncooperative suspects and lawyers!
  • Enforcement decisions

This is a full day session based around a typical scenario.  Delegates will work together to investigate an unfolding story.  Common problems and issues will be discussed resulting in delegates deciding on the most appropriate course of action.  At the end, delegates will hopefully feel more confident in tackling the most complex investigations.

This session will appeal to anyone who may be expected to investigate a work related incident ranging from first timers to experienced officers wishing to hone their skills.

Comments from delegates…

Excellent course – liked the practical references and anecdotes

Methodical and logical approach to this subject, clear instructions given, best H&S training I’ve had!

Very good content delivery and supporting material. Made me realise how ill prepared I am for potential prosecutions

Interesting discussion and good mix of staff taking part – so was pitched at right level for experienced and inexperienced

Very good, really enjoyed it, have got a lot out of today – thank you.

Please get in touch if you would like further information.  All discussions are in strictest confidence.

tel 07793215183

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