Sadies Dog Rescue

Bespoke Safety is a proud sponsor of Sadies Stray Dog Rescue.  Please take 5 mins just to have a look at the wonderful work they do.  If you have a spare £1, please help out by donating on £1 Thursday – detail on the website. 10% of all profit goes to help the lost souls that Sadies rescue. Thanks to all the training and support that we do, we all help in some way and so a BIG THAK YOU from Simba !!!!!

Sadies Stray Dog Rescue

Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 08.25.57WELCOME HOME SIMBA

Please welcome our Simba who we adopted in Nov 2018.  He was an 18mth Romanian street dog.  Never knew love and affection, safety or peace.  Somehow he survived his first Winter -25c on the streets.  He came to us on the Sadies fostering scheme, but of course we were always going to adopt him.  He has 3 legs and is blind in one eye, but OMG does he know how to love…. please think about adopting before you buy.  We couldn’t wish for a better companion to join our pack of 4 other dogs.  Sadies work miracles, please help them to continue.

Simba – home at last…..