IOSH Webinar

I am speaking at my IOSH Branch Meeting webinar tonight…

When: Thursday evening, 12 May 2022 between 19:30 and 20:30hrs (UK time), directly after our Branch AGM.


A Coroners Inquest can be highly charged and emotive, considering the final circumstances of someone’s death. In the context of a work related death and breaking it down into the various components, this session will explore the purpose of the Inquest, the various roles of those attending including the Coroner, Jury and ‘interested person’, the chronology, the Conclusion and finally ‘Preventing Further Death‘ reports.

Being prepared to attend or give evidence in an Inquest is crucial given their public nature. This session aims to give an insight into the practicalities of an Inquest and to assist those who may have cause to attend a Coroners Inquest for both personal or professional reasons.

The event registration link is: 

IOSH Coroner’s Inquest Link

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