Looking Back on 2019

Looking back it’s been a busy 12 months. I finally got round to launching my Working With PACE day long course designed specifically for local authority officers. Those attending worked in health and safety, food safety, planning, trading standards, licensing, housing etc. I had ex police officers attending and commented on how useful the course was as it explained how local authorities apply PACE. I also got round to sorting out my logo and began publishing articles on practical application of PACE (I’ll make these widely available on my website). I inspected food traders at Glastonbury and continued to assist colleagues with more complex investigations.

Besides the PACE course, I also ran the following sessions:

  • Dealing With The Bereaved
  • Preparing For & Attending a Coroners Inquest
  • Investigating Work Related Accidents
  • Fatal Accident Investigation
  • New To, Or Returning To Health and Safety Enforcement

Over 200 officers from local authorities in South Yorkshire, Gloucestershire, London, Dorset, Midlands, Greater Manchester, Somerset, New Forest, North Hertfordshire and Staffordshire.

Glastonbury Food Inspections

We were lucky enough to help Glastonbury Festival Ltd to be part of the amazing team employed to inspect the mobile food traders on site. A week of hard work but a fantastic experience.

Supporting Local Authority Colleagues

It’s been another busy year helping local authority colleagues in all areas of their complex accident investigation work. Assisting and giving practical advice relating to investigating fatalities, application of PACE, negotiating the investigation process and building cases for court.

Middlesex University

Very proud to be asked to help deliver lectures for the MSc Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management. Good luck to all of the students in the future

Sadies Stray Dog Rescue

Personally, probably the most important achievement from 2019. I remain very proud to be a supporter of this amazing organisation. In short, they run a shelter in Bacau Romania, where volunteers work tirelessly to help and save the abandoned, orphaned, abused, injured lost souls found on the streets. Dogs and cats are treated by local vets in Bacau where needed and placed in the shelter where they wait, sometimes for years, to be spotted and adopted. Many of them cannot be homed due to the horrendous abuse they have suffered, however many can… like my amazing three legged partially sighted rescue Simba Cornelius. Thanks to everyone who offers donations during my sessions and for those that don’t….. fear not…. every year we donate to Sadies on your behalf and will continue to do so. Please visit their website to learn more Sadies Stray Dog Rescue


Thanks to everyone that I’ve worked with this year. All the local authority colleagues who either attended my training or organised sessions and of course, to everyone who, by paying for my services, have helped to change the lives of so many 4 legged (sometimes less…) lost souls in Romania. Thank you and I look forward to working with you all again in 2020.

Andy & Simba Cornelius

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